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He who trusts in his own heart is a fool, But whoever walks wisely will be delivered.
Proverbs 28:26 NKJV



Sharing love, wisdom, inspiration, and the power of spirituality in every aspect of our lives.

For coaching, counsel, or mentorship regarding how you can overcome your entrepreneurial and professional obstacles in life, I'm here to show you the way.
Daymond E. Lavine
Entrepreneur & Success Coach/Mentor
What Is Success?
In its purest definition, success is the accomplishment of one's goals. However determining one's goals can prove to the an elusive and daunting task.
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I prefer to think of success as the attainment of objectives that resonate with one's purpose in life. What's most important is that YOUR success complements YOUR unique purpose for existing.
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What Are My Techniques?
I search for things in orders that they either cannot see or are unwilling to see. Our goals and aspirations in life are sometimes scary to pursue. They often require a level of discomfort.
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Our goals are not worth pursuing unless they cause us to elevate to new levels of existence. Those levels should be coincidental with our purpose. I exist to inspire you into action!
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What Have I Learned?
We may think that we are in total control of our destinies. However, we are more than flesh and blood, we are spirit as well. Mind, body, and spirit should be exercised in unison.
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When we learn that life is full of wonder, and develop our spirituality along the path to our success, true success emerges! When we listen God, the Universe delivers His promise.
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What Can You Expect?
I offer attentiveness, concern, authenticity, and a sheer compassion and desire to move you into action. Regardless of the working relationship I develop with all my clients, I create teachable moments that last a lifetime.
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When you are ready to move into action, you will. It my personal goal to arm you with the ideas and tools necessary to move forward and succeed. Ultimately, the only obstacle you will thus have standing in your way is YOU!
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YES, I know! You are on your God-given path toward your unique success. Even if you may not know it yet, you are. But, things may get difficult sometimes, and I know it's confusing. If you are confused about the decisions you must make or the roads you must take to reach you life goals and SUCCEED, then you have come to right place. Join me as we shift into action! I am here in INSPIRE, MENTOR, COACH & CONSULT you. When you are ready, let's begin . . .
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