Strategic Partnerships
Strategic Partnerships

Thank you for your interest in becoming a strategic partner of Daymond & Co. Enterprises LLC. Daymond & Co. Enterprises is dedicated to providing quality services and products to all segments of its client base. Additionally, its founder, Daymond The Brand, CLC, looks to establish long-term, meaningful relationships with the potential to grow over time. Partnership rollout and marketing efforts require a significant investment of time and resources for both parties. Daymond & Co. invests in several resources throughout all partnership arrangements, including contractor time and production, and is therefore limited in its capacity accept partnerships. Each approved partnership arrangement must guarantee each party benefits equally in reciprocity.

Please allow up to ten (10) business days for a response from Daymond or a representative of Daymond & Co. Enterprises.

Each proposal submitted to Daymond & Co. Enterprises, LLC in consideration for strategic partnership must address the following: 


  • Legal name of the company (including parent company if DBA)
  • When the company was founded
  • Legal address of the company (city, state, zip)
  • Company website
  • Company category/industry
  • If the company is a franchise or not
  • Total number of company locations
  • Number of company locations participating in this proposed strategic partnership
  • Board of directors and/or executive team names
  • Primary POC for this proposed strategic partnership


  • Key objectives
  • Good and services rendered
  • Target audience 
  • How your company desires to partner with Daymond & Co.
  • How the Daymond & Co. brand will be utilized
  • How Daymond & Co. Enterprises will be marketed
  • Distribution channels
  • Geographic reach
  • Needed marketing support
  • Partnership start date and end date
  • Success evaluation and metrics plan
  • Estimated number of products and services that will be sold
  • Estimated revenue
  • Future plans for working with Daymond & Co. beyond this propose strategic partnership


  • The reason your company has chosen to work with Daymond & Co. Enterprises
  • The ways in which your company's mission, vision and values align with Daymond & Co. Enterprises
  • The explanation of company's commitment to at least three of the following: Integrity, Honor, Innovation, Empowerment, Service, Value, and Impact

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